Glynde & Beddingham Parish Council



I would formally like to convey my thanks to fellow councillors, vice chair and our clerk  for all their hard work this year.

During the last year the Parish Council has

•met on 9 occasions since the last Annual Parish Meeting, 6 ordinary meetings were held to undertake formal Parish Council matters and 3 Planning Committee meeting

•Completed the  installation of an electricity supply to our recreation ground with the help of contributions from Glynde Estate, Glynde & Beddingham Flower Show and Fete Committee and from the Glynde Beddingham and Firle Memorial Parade Committee

•In addition financed the installation of a water supply to the recreation ground with the support of Glynde

•Continued to process the administration towards a  Governance Review to join the 2 Civil Parishes of Glynde & Beddingham as 1 for all statutory purposes

•Maintained an active role in discussions about highway improvements on the A27

•Launched the inauguration G&BPC Community Shield award

•Commissioned a competition to create a logo for the Parish Council and created a Community Shield award for the Flower Show

•Considered 9 planning applications

•Had our 2015/16 accounts audited by Littlejohn LLP who found them to be in good condition

In addition to the business of Council, we have also agreed the following changes to the ways we do business and intend to enact these over the coming months

•Produce a annual business plan and a term plan over the number of years to the next election

•Create greater public awareness of the role and activity of the council through an occasional newsletter, articles in parish magazine, a logo to be applied to our activities to increase awareness of our what we are involved in and support, and to make use of social media

•Encourage public participation in meeting by holding themed meetings on topics of interest, publicising the meetings and making the meetings physically welcoming


Cllr. Johnny Denis

Chair, Glynde and Beddingham Parish Council 2016-17




Glynde & Beddingham  Parish Council Chairman’s Annual Report 2016/17: